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Toronto, ON, Canada

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Quality You Can Rely On

Welcome to G2G Fitness Solutions. When you purchase new equipment or need something moved, two thoughts that come to mind are: Can I trust someone with my equipment and what will my investment be with such an endeavor?  With so much already on your plate from researching for the perfect machine or moving in to your new home we want to make this easy on you. With our experience in this industry and emphasis on positive customer service we want to put your mind at ease. Keep reading to learn more, and reach out with questions on what we have to offer.

These are the services we provide



Whether you are a marathon runner or a casual exerciser, a bodybuilder or you simply want to stay or get back in to shape. We can help you find the product that helps you attain your goals. With our many years of experience and relationships in the fitness retail world we will provide options, advice and the ideas that will help you take that next step towards health and wellness.



We will move all of your fitness equipment. First we will test each piece to see what condition it is in. Then we will dismantle and make sure all pieces are protected from the move. We also use moving blankets to protect all areas of your property. Staying safe and protecting floors and walls are important to you and it is important to us as well.  We will then transport, move, assemble and test each piece of equipment to ensure that it's ready to be used.

Delivery and Installation

Did you just purchase a new machine? We can deliver it from the retailer to your home. If desired we can also install and test the machine so that you can start on your path to hitting your fitness goals.


We can prepare your fitness equipment for the move by breaking it down and protecting it. If needed we can come back to assemble your equipment.

We supply the highest quality service in the area of


of your fitness equipment.